GM Ignition Injuries in Cincinnati

WARNING: Buick, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn & Chevy Drivers in Cincinnati Face Ignition Injury Risk

Cincinnati persons and the family members of Cincinnati persons who suffered GM ignition injuries in a vehicle that was later subject to recall for an ignition system defect may have legal grounds to file a General Motors ignition injury lawsuit for Cincinnati residents. This page provides comprehensive information about GM ignition injuries in Cincinnati, including the types of GM ignition injuries that may qualify, a list of the recalled GM vehicles, and information about filing a GM ignition injury lawsuit with attorneys serving Cincinnati. For Cincinnati residents filing a GM injury lawsuit is the most effective method individuals in Cincinnati have to address the injustice done to persons who were harmed in a recalled GM vehicle due to ignition defects in Cincinnati. Unfortunately, one of the only ways corporations take action to protect consumers is when they are threatened with litigation.

Attorneys handling GM ignition injury lawsuits for Cincinnati residents believe persons and family members of persons who were injured in Cincinnati as a result of the GM ignition defect may be eligible for significant compensation. This page provides a comprehensive look at Cincinnati General Motors ignition switch injuries and the vehicles that cause them.

Cincinnati GM Ignition Injury

Cincinnati GM Ignition Injury Types

Innocent drivers and passengers, unaware of the defect in their vehicle’s ignition system, have suffered serious injuries in Cincinnati or surrounding areas when their vehicle lost power and the airbags failed to deploy. General Motors was aware of the ignition system defect ten or more years prior to issuing a recall, meaning drivers and riders in 30 million vehicles worldwide were exposed to unnecessary risks for years on end. The company acknowledges 13 deaths that have resulted from GM ignition injuries; the Center for Auto Safety pins the number of GM ignition deaths over 300. No one knows exactly how many people have sustained GM ignition injuries or have been killed as a result of an accident from the ignition defect. The recall finally brought public awareness in Cincinnati to the defect.

General Motors was aware of the ignition system defect ten or more years prior to issuing a recall, during which time Cincinnati drivers and passengers were among those in 30 million vehicles who were exposed to a risk for severe and life-threatening injuries.

The defect that causes Cincinnati GM ignition injuries is that of low torque in the ignition cylinder, meaning affected vehicles can accidentally switch from the “Run” position to the “Off” position while in motion on a roadway. A simple brush or touch of the steering column, the swinging of the key chain from the car’s motion, or a bump in the road is enough to cause this problem. When a car loses power, the braking and steering systems are compromised, making a collision likely. If a collision does occur, the vehicle’s airbags will not deploy due to the loss of power. Without airbags, Cincinnati GM ignition injuries can be severe and even deadly.

Whether a head-on, roll-over, or other type of collision, Cincinnati accidents stemming from the GM ignition defect can have very serious repercussions. Head and brain injuries, paralysis, organ damage and internal bleeding, and broken or crushed bones are all examples of GM ignition injuries. Lifelong disability, severe pain and suffering, and death are the long term impacts of these GM ignition injuries.

Who can file a Toxic GM Injury Lawsuit?

Persons and family members of persons who suffered a GM ignition injury may be eligible to file a claim against General Motors. Click here to learn more.

Innocent people in Cincinnati have been exposed to the risk of sever injury and death as a result of GM’s cover-up of the ignition defect for ten or more years, all to protect the profits of General Motors. An article in USA Today from March 12, 2014, noted that solutions for the ignition problem were considered in 2005 but never acted upon due to expense: “A tracking inquiry and solutions were considered, but the inquiry was closed, the company said, ‘after consideration of the lead time required, cost and effectiveness of each of these solutions’." In the decade that followed, many people lost their lives or were harmed or disabled by preventable General Motors ignition injuries.

Cincinnati General Motors Vehicles Recalled for Ignition Problems

A wide range of vehicles designed, manufactured, and sold in Cincinnati by General Motors are included in the recall and have caused serious GM ignition injuries. Popular Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Saturn models have all been recalled, ranging from the 1997 model year to the 2014 model year. Here is a complete list of vehicles that may cause GM ignition injuries in Cincinnati due to the widespread defect:

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GM Ignition Injury Lawsuits for Cincinnati Residents

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