Who Can File a GM Injury Lawsuit?

National GM injury attorneys provide information on who qualifies to file a GM injury lawsuit for damage from a faulty ignition switch

Who Can File a GM Injury Lawsuit

More than 30 million vehicles worldwide have been recalled as a result of a faulty General Motors ignition switch that puts drivers in grave danger. With no knowledge of the risk and through no fault of their own, drivers of recalled GM vehicles have sustained serious and life-threatening injuries as a result of this defect. Due to the ignition defect, a simple jostling or bumping of the steering column can switch the vehicle from the “RUN” position to the “OFF” position while the car is in motion. The condition leads to a loss of power to key safety systems including the brakes, steering, and air bags. Collisions become likely and, without airbags, so does severe injury. The General Motors ignition recall applies to vehicles in the Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn lines, including model years ranging from 1997 - 2014.

Persons and family members of persons who suffered a severe injury as a result of a GM ignition switch problem are seeking clarification of the qualifications required to participate in a GM injury lawsuit. Our law firm offers free, no-obligation, confidential consultations to anyone who feels they may have a claim, but we have outlined the basic qualifications in this section. In general, these are factors that are considered in each GM ignition injury lawsuit claim:

1. GM Ignition Incident:

GM ignition problems occur spontaneously and without warning. If you or a loved one was driving a General Motors vehicle when the ignition inadvertently switched to the OFF position, you may be eligible to file a General Motors ignition defect claim.

2. Serious Injury:

When a vehicle’s ignition unexpectedly switches off while a vehicle is in motion, the driver loses power steering and braking mechanisms. This makes the vehicle impossible to maneuver safely and a collision is likely. When the collision occurs, the vehicle’s airbags will also not deploy, which puts the driver and any passengers at risk for serious and life-threatening injuries. If you or a loved one suffered a severe injury as a result of a loss of vehicle power, you may be eligible to file a GM injury claim.

3. GM Ignition Recall:

More than 30 million General Motors vehicles have been recalled worldwide. If you or a loved one suffered as a result of the GM ignition switch defect in one of the recalled vehicles, you may be eligible to file a GM injury lawsuit claim. Here is a full list of vehicles included in the GM ignition switch recall:

For persons and family members of persons who meet these qualifications, it is likely you will be eligible to file a GM injury lawsuit to recover damages. It is very important for each victim to file a claim, for the following reasons: First, GM injury lawyers believe persons who were harmed as a result of the GM ignition switch defect may be eligible for compensation for suffering and loss. More meaningful than that to some is the opportunity to hold major corporations accountable for consumer safety and negligence. General Motors became aware of its ignition switch defect long before issuing a recall to warn the public, putting millions of Americans at risk for serious injury and death.

Attorneys offering free, no obligation GM injury lawsuit case review are available to speak with you and your family about your circumstances. To learn more about filing a lawsuit, please fill out the simple form on this page.

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